The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys is an American curriculum school, with a strong Arabic and Islamic approach, with emphasis on local culture and awareness and with programs such as UAE National Studies and My Identity. Maintaining an appreciation for the UAE's international community and world at large, the school’s vision aims to help secure the future of the UAE, by providing strong community role-models who understand their heritage and traditions and are also equipped with the skills and life-long learning dispositions necessary to embrace the challenges of tomorrow and to take on leadership roles.

We achieve this at SZPAB by providing an excellent, accredited American curriculum that ensures that all students are able to make the most of their talents and abilities. To support this aim we benefit from a ‘state of the art school’ with Apple Distinguished School status and with all the innovation and facilities one would expect from a leading school in the 21st century; excellent extra-curricular opportunities and a faculty of teachers and support staff that are of the highest quality.

Our aim is summed up in the school’s motto: Honoring the past, educating for the future.

Al Ain Educational Investments

Al Ain Educational Investments (AAEI) is SZPAG’s parent company. AAEI was created in 2011 to oversee the educational institutions attached to Al Ain Holdings and contribute to the development of education in the United Arab Emirates, by making investments in education projects that benefit society and help produce a highly educated and skilled workforce for the benefit of the whole of the UAE.

AAEI believes education is one of the best drivers of growth in a society, allowing communities to benefit from enhanced opportunities in all areas of their lives. Its schools include top quality educational institutions that adhere to teaching best practice, and deliver a comprehensive education for young people. Our flagship projects are The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls and The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys. These state-of-the-art academies offer students an all-round education where the traditions and culture of UAE are inherent in all aspects of teaching, while following the American curriculum.

Alongside its flagship schools, AAEI offers workshops and courses for those who are seeking exceptional professional development. We have a dedicated team of professionals who serve clients in education, vocational training, schools management, investment and educational consulting, as well as strategic planners, investors and educators.