The Elementary years are vitally important for your child’s development. We take this responsibility very seriously, by ensuring that teaching and learning programs are individualized and highly focused on closing any gaps and developing strengths. Children develop at different stages and speeds and our programs acknowledge this. We focus on each child making progress towards their own educational goals.

In Elementary we passionately believe in our children taking ownership of their learning, attitude and behavior. We do this in a number of ways with our children: through student-led conferences, goal-setting from their own assessment and developing the language to explain their academic journey. We want our young people to leave the Elementary phase ready to face the different challenges of Secondary education.

We provide students with a standards-based, integrated, American Curriculum using international standards Massachusetts Common Core State Standards. Each lesson is framed by clear learning and assessment targets that students are expected to meet during the lesson. Instruction is differentiated based on the assessed learning strengths and needs of the students. Instruction is provided through whole-group, small-group, and 1:1 instruction. Learning activities are designed to promote interest and engagement for the content being learned and generate opportunities to think and talk about the learning target.