Extra Curricular Activities

Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls provides a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to our students. We offer many educational supplementary programs in both Arabic and English subjects. Our teachers focus on giving students the opportunity to explore core academic subjects further by offering study support, creative new ways to experience literature and drama, sports activities, arts and crafts across several mediums, community service opportunities, and educational leadership roles.

Many after school activities offer cross curricular credit and experience that develops our student’s minds, bodies, and brains all at once. Students have had the chance to travel, debate with students from around the world, utilize planning skills to attend self-reliant camping and hiking trips, compete against other students in sports contests, write, draw, create jewelry and other pieces of fine art, and fundraise to support charitable causes and campaigns.

ECA’s are offered three days a week at SZPAG and require parental permission to attend. Students can switch clubs every term to take full advantage of the variety of activities we offer. We are proud to continue to provide educational excellence beyond the classroom with this program.

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