The school’s buildings are modern, high quality and enhance the learning opportunities for students. They are all spacious, well equipped and aligned to the educational needs of the age groups they serve.

Indoor teaching facilities include:

  • Knowledge Centre in the Secondary school.
  • 1 Library in Elementary School.
  • 1 MacBook Suite with Green screen
  • 1 Computing Laboratory
  • Specialist Music, Art and Drama room
  • 3 science laboratories in the Secondary building and 1 in the Elementary building.
  • 2 prayer rooms, one in each of the Elementary and - Secondary schools.
  • Gymnasium in each building.
  • Swimming Pool
  • Theatre

Outdoor facilities include:

  • Sports and Athletics field
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis courts
  • Climbing apparatus
  • General outdoor play and picnic areas
  • Courtyards
  • Covered play areas