Girls - Message from the principal

Dear Parents,

My name is Huda AlTamimi and I am excited to introduce myself as the new Principal of The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls [SZPAG]. It is an honor to be working at such prestigious academy with high reputation and positive ethos within the community. Although this is my third year working at SZPAG, I believe it is worthwhile sharing my educational and professional background. Besides my teaching qualification and experience as English teacher [UAE], I also have a Post Graduate Diploma in Leadership and Masters in Educational leadership with First Class honor from Auckland University [New Zealand]. I have also been awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Inspection from London University [UK].  Additionally, I am officially a qualified ADEK inspector and involved in IRTIQAA inspection of both public and private schools in Abu Dhabi. Prior to SZPAG, I have worked as a Vice Principal in the schools in Abu Dhabi [AlQemma and Abdulla Bin Otaiba] serving Emirati students.

The SZPAG encompasses a team of hardworking professionals who dedicate their efforts to bridge individual achievement gaps. We, at the SZPAG, hold each other and ourselves accountable to set high student, teammate and school community expectations to ensure our students are successful. Believing that all students can succeed no matter the challenges, I will confidently pursue SZPAG mission ‘Honoring the past, Educating for the future’. It is through quality instruction, I and my team will ensure that all our students are well prepared and equipped with knowledge and skills to succeed in higher education and have positive impact in the wider community.

I strongly believe that educating children is a collective responsibility between home and school. I trust that being an Emirati Principal at SZPAG is not only going to foster strong relationships with the community and other government agencies, but also will help to bring the parents and the community onboard to promote our students’ education and wellbeing. I believe that with our dedication we will be able to add positive values and offer best conditions that can enable each child to perform to their best and reach their potential.

As SZPAG Principal, I am looking forward to collaborating with you and inviting you to join us on this noble and incredible journey!


Huda AlTamimi